to the new standard
of luxury.

the finest bespoke couture
and the absolute definition of customer service.

we strive to leave a lasting impression

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Cambridge - Oxford - London - Birmingham - Manchester

to the new standard of
luxury bespoke tailoring.

the finest bespoke couture.

the absolute definition of customer service.

zero compromise.

we have created something truly special.

100% British

Hand-crafted in England.

every suit is sourced, designed, and artisan crafted
exactly where it should be.

right here in Great Britain.

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Truly bespoke

As unique and exclusive as you desire.

one of one.

designed and customised from scratch
to your exact specifications.

limitless potential.

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A luxury boutique;

open 24 hours a day,

on weekends,

during public holidays,

and in any location you require.

choose the time and location of your appointment,
and we bring the bespoke tailoring experience to you.

during your lunch break at work?
or in the comfort of your own home?

we have taken luxury shopping to the next level.

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extra-ordinary suits require extra-ordinary fabric.

Exclusively partnering
with the worlds absolute finest fabric merchant

without exception, Scabal produce the finest fabric in the world.

we are exceedingly proud to exclusively use Scabal fabrics for all Joshua Julian suiting and outerwear.

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Everything you love about bespoke couture.