luxury redefined

tailors jewel

the worlds first luxury brand to combine prescious metal jewellery with men’s tailoring as standard.

crafted from your choice of the finest metals,
ranging from hand selected zinc alloys all the way up to pure 24-kt gold and platinum.

elegant, understated, and instantly recognisable as a Joshua Julian garment.

exclusive fabric

for the individual that lives without compromise, we offer the most exclusive fabrics.

personalise or design your very own fabric prior to the weaving process, allowing you to choose the entire composition and design of the cloth itself.


tradition is our influence, not our excuse; every component of our garments serve a purpose.


we have created the worlds first truly modern suit.

lifetime assurance

we are exceedingly proud and confident in the quality of the products we craft, so we offer Lifetime Assurance on everything.

every seam is covered for life.
every component is covered for life.
every item is an investment for life.

by encouraging quality over quantity, we can collectively help to minimise our environmental impact.

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the world's first luxury brand to include annual servicing as standard with every item.

aftercare consists of yearly fabric and fitment servicing for every product, designed to keep your products in optimal condition and fit.

a necessary revolution.