COVID-19 Statement

the wellbeing of our clients and employees remains our absolute priority, and we are working hard to ensure our employees and clients are kept as safe as possible.
we are therefore introducing a number of important processes to follow during all customer appointments, in accordance with the respective guidance and recommendations published by the UK Government to manage the risk of covid-19.

we will continue to monitor the guidelines and advice published from all relevant administrations and health authorities.​

some of the measures we action during our customer appointments include:

  • an enhanced cleaning and hygiene program, including hand sanitisation during the introduction and conclusion of each appointment;
  • to ensure appropriate social distancing where possible;
  • compulsory face coverings for our employees during customer interaction;

we have actioned these measures to ensure that we are protecting our staff and clients at all times.

our team will continue to respect these very strict social distancing, cleaning and hygiene procedures.

Thank you for respecting and understanding our new procedures.​